AAFM® Board Mission Statement

About The AAFM® Board of Standards

At the AAFM® Board, our mission is to empower individuals and organizations worldwide with the knowledge and skills essential for excellence in financial management. Committed to fostering a global community of professionals, we strive to advance the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and expertise in the finance industry.
  1. Continue as a “World Class Certifying Body”
  2. Promote high standards and Quality Assurance as a Global Accreditation Council.
  3. Globally Promote Accredited Program Courses and Exams and the Norm.
  4. Work with governments and institutions to promote the standards for each Certification, Charter, and Masters Designation.
  5. Provide forward looking ethics and codes of conduct that benefits society, industry and the public.
  6. Be a positive and constructive voice in finance on the Global Stage.
  7. Assist executive assessment and development of financial professionals interested in investments, financial planning, corporate finance, estate planning, asset management, risk management, taxation, and market and financial analysis.
  8. Promote and protect the integrity of the AAFM Certification, Charters, Designations, Membership, alliances, articuations, both nationally and internationally.
  9. Provide a structure for interaction between members and the professional financial community, business executives, government finance officials, and finance related academic professionals.
  10. Enhance employment opportunities for AAFM Members at all levels via networking, training, and outreach.
  11. To continue to grow internationally with specialized on-site executive training available at select colleges and training centers.
  12. Improve the knowledge and education of the public at large as an investment and financial industry information clearinghouse.